Semi-Automatic Random Adjustment Case Sealer / SR27


Semi-automatic case sealing machine designed and engineered by SIAT specifically for large random sized boxes. SR27 is the ideal case sealing machine for a variety of industries like E-commerce, Logistics, Electronics and Tissue. The machine consists of a metal structure epoxy painted and aluminium columns. The boxes sliding plan is made up of galvanized rolls and painted plate. The box preparation is made manually. The operator folds the top flaps and moves the box forward to the top head yellow button. The top head moves upwards – till the yellow button is pushed – to reach the required box height. After reaching the right position, the operator is able to move the box inside the machine until it is taken away by the double belt conveyor.

Key features​

  • Centering unit to hold boxes during the manual filling
  • K12R (75 mm) taping unit
  • Top and bottom drive belts
  • Drive belts speed 20 m/min.
    2 motors (0,13 kW)
  • Max. output: up to 650 Bph
  • Box dimensions:
    Min: 150(L) x 170(W) x 120(H) mm
    Max:    ∞(L) x 650(W) x 670(H) mm


  • Higher legs (AS80)
    Wheels under the machine (AS77)
    Roller conveyor (RG)
  • Extendable conveyor (GTL - GTR)
    Safety fences

Product photos

Applications Cartboard Ceramic Logistic paper