Automatic Strap Machines / TP-702S Mercury stainless steel frame


is a world-class high-speed automatic strapping machine with a stainless steel frame (SUS 304). Meat, seafood, poultry, and agricultural processing plants are among the moist working environments where it is perfect.

TP-702S Mercury stainless steel frame Key features

  • Robust and compact mechanical strapping head
  • High speed: up to 65 straps per minute
  • Free access to strap guides (patents registered)
  • Waist-high auto-strap feeding
  • Waist-high quick coil change (patents registered)
  • Turnable operating control panel
  • Auto-strap ejector
  • Dispenser release switch
  • Sensor-controlled heater
  • Low voltage
  • Strap end ejector
  • Front foot bar switch
  • Adjustable table height between 820 mm and 920 mm

Technical Data

  • Capacity: Up to 65 cycles/minute (TP-702S-59)
    Up to 60
  • cycles/minute (TP-702S-12)
  • Strap Width:

5 mm, 6 mm, or 9 mm (TP-702S-59)
12 mm (TP-702S-12)

  • Tension Range:

1 to 32 kg (TP-702S-59)
1 to 45 kg (TP-702S-12)

  •  Higher tension is on request
  • Weight: 158 kg (TP-702S-59)
    167 kg (TP-702S-12)
    Electrical Requirements:
  • 110V, 220V, 230V, 240V, 50/60Hz, 1PH


  • Photo-eye switch
  • Rear foot bar switch
  • Foot pedal switch
  • Lower adjustable table height (770–820 mm)
  • Selected parts in stainless steel
  • Stainless steel frame SUS 304


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