Packing Paper

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Packing paper is used for the wrapping of items to protect them from damage. Packing paper can be used to wrap the item in paper to protect it, as well as to crumple a buffer around the item inside the box. At Hadanco, we ensure the best quality packing paper in Dubai as per your requirements.

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Packing paper is a type of paper specifically designed for packaging, wrapping, and protecting

items during shipping, moving, or storage. It is commonly used in various industries, including

logistics, e-commerce, retail, and residential moving.

Packing paper:

It is typically made from low-grade paper or recycled materials, providing a cost-effective

and environmentally friendly packaging solution. It is lightweight, flexible, and offers a certain level of cushioning to help protect fragile or delicate items from scratches, dings, or breakage.

The paper is usually thin and comes in large sheets or rolls. It may be blank or have a pre-printed pattern

or design. The blank packing paper is versatile and can be used for wrapping various items,

while pre-printed packing paper may be used for branding purposes or to add a decorative

element to the packaging.

It is commonly used to wrap individual items or to fill empty spaces inside boxes to prevent

shifting during transit. It can be crumpled or folded to create padding around objects, providing an additional layer of protection. The paper absorbs shock and helps cushion the contents against impacts or vibrations

that may occur during transportation.

Aside from its protective properties,it is also useful for organizing and separating

items within a box or container. It can be used to wrap and separate dishes, glassware, or other

fragile items to minimize the risk of damage.

When using packing paper, it is important to consider the nature and fragility of the items being packed.

For extremely delicate or valuable items, additional protective measures such as bubble wrap or foam

padding may be necessary. It  is often used in combination with other packaging materials

to create a comprehensive and secure packaging solution.

Overall, packing paper is a versatile and cost-effective option for wrapping, cushioning, and

protecting items during shipping, moving, or storage.



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