Buckles for Lashing Belt

Our recently manufactured products, which have already been included in our product portfolio, are 3030 and 4040 forged buckles. Buckles are used with lashing belts and have a white or yellow galvanized coating. They have relatively high breaking strengths, up to 3000 daN for 3030 and 4000 daN for 4040 codings.

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Buckles for Lashing Belt are important components used in securing and tightening cargo during transportation or storage.

Buckles for Lashing Belt Purpose and Function:

They are also known as tensioning buckles or strap buckles, are designed to securely

fasten and tighten lashing straps or belts used for cargo securing. They play a crucial role in

maintaining the tension and stability of the lashing system, ensuring that the cargo remains

secure during transit.

Material Selection:

Buckles for lashing belts are typically made from durable materials such as steel, stainless steel,

or high-strength plastic. The material choice depends on factors like the required strength,

load capacity, and environmental conditions in which they will be used.

CO-3030-Forged Buckle 32mm 50 pcs/Box Galvanized
CO-3030-Welded Buckle 32mm 50 pcs/Box Galvanized
CO-4040-Forged Buckle 40mm 50 pcs/Box Galvanized
CO-4040-Welded Buckle 40mm 50 pcs/Box Galvanized



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