Stretch Wrap Film

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Stretch Film (As per customer requirement)
>A complete range of quality cast stretch films is designed to meet all kinds of applications and requirements.  Our films are engineered to minimize packaging costs while retaining a secure, high-quality wrapping.  Stretch film is available in various widths, thicknesses, and coils.

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Stretch wrap film, , is a highly stretchable plastic film

commonly used for securing and protecting items during storage, transportation, and shipping.

It is a versatile packaging material that offers excellent load stability, protection against dust,

moisture, and tampering, and facilitates efficient handling of goods.

Stretch wrap film:

The primary function of wrap film is to secure and stabilize loads on pallets or

other packaging units. It is applied by dispensing the film from a roll and wrapping it tightly

around the items, creating a secure and protective barrier. The film’s stretchability allows it to conform closely to the shape of the load, providing excellent load containment and preventing shifting or movement during transit.


Hand Grade 23 micron as per requirement Transparent
Machine Grade 23 micron as per requirement Transparent


Applications Cartboard Ceramic Logistic paper