Edge Protector

Plastic edge protectors are designed to protect your products from damage when strapped to a pallet. The strapping is placed over the plastic edge guards before tightening to prevent the corners of the carton or pallet from being crushed. These corner protectors will cushion your packaging and allow the strap to be tightened with strapping tools to its maximum tension without damaging the product. Each plastic edge guard is constructed from specially formulated resin and is ribbed to hold the strapping firmly in place.

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edge protector is a protective device used to safeguard the edges and corners of various objects,

such as furniture, equipment, packaging, or structures. It is designed to absorb impact, minimize damage

and prevent injuries that may occur due to accidental collisions or bumps.


Edge protector are typically made from durable materials such as plastic, rubber, foam, or metal,

depending on the application and level of protection required. They are available in various shapes and

sizes to accommodate different edge profiles and can be easily installed or attached to the edges or corners of objects.


Edge Board – Corrugated India 55mm x 55mm x 1 mtr 5mm 100 pieces / Bundle
Edge Board – Corrugated India 30mm x 30mm x 5cm 3.5mm 2500 pieces / Box

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Applications Cartboard Ceramic Logistic paper