Packing paper is used for the wrapping of items to protect them from damage. Packing paper can be used to wrap the item in paper to protect it, as well as to crumple a buffer around the item inside the box. At Hadanco, we ensure the best quality packing paper in Dubai as per your requirements.

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Thermocole is a term made from expanded polystyrene beads that are fused together using heat and pressure. The resulting foam has a closed-cell structure, which gives it excellent insulating properties and makes it resistant to moisture. It is a good thermal insulator, helping to maintain temperature stability and reduce energy consumption in various applications.

Thermocole uses:

It is widely used for packaging fragile and delicate items. It provides cushioning and shock absorption, protecting goods from damage during shipping or handling. EPS foam packaging is often seen in the form of foam sheets, blocks, or custom-molded shapes that conform to the specific contours of the item being protected.


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