Gunny Bags

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Gunny bags are used for wrapping sofas, mattresses, furniture, and other household items for surface protection from scratching during shifting and storage. These gunny bags are available in different sizes as per requirements.

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Gunny bags are coarse, woven bags made from jute fibers. Jute is a natural fiber derived from the jute plant

Gunny bag have been used for various purposes, including packaging and transporting agricultural products, such as grains, potatoes, coffee beans, and other commodities.

The bags are usually made from sturdy, loosely woven jute fabric, which provides strength and breathability. They have a relatively rough texture and are known for their durability and resistance to tearing. Gunny bag is commonly used in areas where cost-effective packaging materials are required, particularly in the agricultural industry.

In addition to agricultural uses, gunny bags have also been repurposed for crafts, home decor, and gardening. Their rustic appearance and natural texture have made them popular for creating eco-friendly and vintage-inspired designs.

It’s worth noting that while gunny bags were historically widely used, the prevalence of synthetic materials and modern packaging solutions has somewhat reduced their usage in certain industries in recent years.


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