Packing Blankets

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Packing blankets are used for wrapping furniture for surface protection from scratches during shifting and storage. Blankets are clean and porous to protect wooden surfaces in damp and humid environments. These blankets are available in cut pieces as well as rolls, which can be cut as per requirement.

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Packing blankets, are thick and durable blankets designed specifically for protecting furniture,

appliances, and other large items during transportation, moving, or storage. They are commonly

used in the moving industry, by professional movers, as well as individuals who are relocating or

storing their belongings.

Packing blankets description:

Packing blankets are typically made from a combination of materials, such as a woven outer fabric

and inner padding. The outer fabric is often a heavy-duty material like polyester or cotton,

which provides durability and resistance to tears and abrasions. The inner padding is usually made of

recycled cotton, polyester batting, or foam, which provides cushioning and protection against impacts

and vibrations.

The primary purpose of packing blankets is to wrap and cover large items to prevent scratches, dings,

or damage during transit. The thick padding absorbs shocks and helps to minimize the risk of breakage

or surface damage. The blankets also act as a barrier, protecting the items from dust, dirt, and other environmental factors.

Packing blankets come in various sizes, typically ranging from small to extra-large, to accommodate

different furniture and item dimensions. They often have reinforced edges or binding to enhance

durability and prevent fraying. Some blankets may also feature corner pockets or straps to secure

them in place around the item being protected.

In addition to their use in the moving industry, packing blanket have other practical applications.

It can be used for temporary flooring protection, creating a cushioned surface for delicate items

during DIY projects, or as insulation for soundproofing purposes.

When using packing blankets, it is important to properly secure them around the item being

protected using packing tape, stretch wrap, or other fastening methods. This ensures that the blanket

stays in place and provides optimal protection during transportation or storage.

Packing blankets are a valuable tool in ensuring the safe and secure transportation of large and fragile

items. Their reusable nature makes them an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use

protective materials, providing a cost-effective solution for multiple moving or storage projects.

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