Manual Sealless Combination ST-ECO 13/19

ST-ECO 13/19

Manual Sealless Strapping tools for steel strap

It is a low-cost, compact, and easy-to-use strapping tool. It is designed for use in medium- and light-industrial applications. The tool is packaged with strap guides for 16 mm straps (standard) and for 13 mm and 19 mm straps. It is not recommended for high-tensile straps.

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ST-ECO 13/19 Manual sealless combination strapping tools for steel strapping are devices used to secure or bundle items using steel strapping without the need for metal seals. These tools are designed to provide a secure and reliable method of fastening steel straps together, eliminating the need for extra components like seals or buckles.

ST-ECO 13/19 Manual sealless combination Key features

  • Package type: flat / round surface
  • Strap quality: steel (Rmax. 850 N/mm²)
  • Strap width: from 13 mm up to 19 mm
  • Strap thickness: from 0.45 mm up to 0.6 mm
  • Max. tension: 4000N
  • Joint type: sealless
  • Weight: around 3.5 Kg


  • check Modern and ergonomic design
  • check Compact & light
  • check kEasy to use

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