Pneumatic Combination Tool ST-INCA-HT 13-16-19

INCA HT 13-16-19

Pneumatic seal-less strapping tool for steel strap

INCA is a SIAT pneumatic seal-less strapping tool for steel straps. It is a reliable strapping tool designed for use in medium- and heavy-duty industrial applications. It is equipped with two different tension motors. The tool is available as standard in 2 strap sizes: 16 mm and 19 mm.

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Pneumatic Combination Tool ST-INCA-HT 13-16-19 is a type of power tool that utilizes compressed air to perform various functions or operations. These tools are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, construction, automotive, and maintenance.

Pneumatic combination tools are versatile and can incorporate multiple functions into a single tool, making them efficient and cost-effective. Some common types of pneumatic combination tools

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