Pneumatic Sealless Combination Tool – IMA DP 13-19

IMA DP 13-19

Pneumatic sealless strapping tool for steel strap

Pneumatic Sealless Comb. tool, Model IMA DP 13-19 for steel strapping.

  • Strap Size: 13-16-19mm
  • Model & Make: SIAT, MJM, Italy
  • Function: Tightening (Pneumatic) & Sealing (Manual) without Seal

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IMA DP 13-19 pneumatic sealless combination tool specialized tool used for

strapping or banding applications.

It  powered by compressed air and designed to tension, seal, and cut steel or plastic

strapping without the need for separate seals.

IMA DP 13-19 pneumatic sealless combination tool functions

The tool combines multiple functions into one unit, making the strapping process

more efficient and convenient. It typically consists of a pneumatic motor,

tensioning mechanism, sealing mechanism, and cutting mechanism.

The motor  powered by compressed air and provides the necessary

force to tension the strapping material around the package or object being secured.

Once the desired tension  achieved, the sealing mechanism is activated to

securely join the ends of the strapping together. This usually achieved through

a process known as friction welding, where heat generated by friction between

the strapping ends to create a strong and reliable seal.

Finally, the tool incorporates a cutting mechanism to trim off the excess strapping,

leaving a neat and clean finish. The combination of these functions in a single tool

eliminates the need for additional equipment, such as separate tensioners, sealers,

and cutters, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced labor costs.

Pneumatic sealless combination tools  commonly used in industries such as logistics,

shipping, manufacturing, and warehousing, where efficient and secure strapping of packages

and productsrequired.



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