Manual Combination ST-IMPA N 13-16

ST-IMPA N 13-16

Manual strapping tool for plastic strap

Manual Comb. Strapping Tool ST-IMPA N 13-16 for steel strapping.

  • Strap Size: 13-16mm
  • Model & Make: SIAT, MJM, Italy
  • Function: Tightening & Sealing with Seal

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Manual Combination ST-IMPA N 13-16 are handheld devices used to secure or fasten items

together using strapping material, typically made of plastic or steel. These tools are designed

to provide tension, sealing, and cutting functions for strapping applications.

The purpose of Manual Combination ST-IMPA N 13-16 is to efficiently and securely bundle

or reinforce items such as boxes, packages, pallets, or other goods for shipping, storage,

or transportation. They are commonly used in industries such as logistics, warehousing,

manufacturing, and retail.

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