Dispenser/Cart for steel strap SEH71F


Dispenser or Cart for Steel Strap

  • Strap Size: All Sizes
  • Model & Make: SIAT, MJM, Italy
  • Function: Carrying strap roll on site

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strap dispenser SEH71F  or cart designed for steel strapping. It  a specialized tool used

for conveniently dispensing and handling steel strapping during packaging and strapping applications.

The SEH71F dispenser/cart  designed to work with steel strapping coils and provides

several features to facilitate the strapping process. While I couldn’t find specific details

about the SEH71F model beyond what you provided, here are some common features

and functionalities you might find in a steel strapping dispenser/cart:

strap dispenser SEH71F features and functionalities :

1. Coil Holder: The dispenser/cart typically includes a sturdy coil holder or spindle designed

to hold and support the steel strapping coil securely. It allows easy unwinding of the

strapping material during the strapping process.

2. Brake Mechanism: A brake mechanism is often incorporated into the dispenser/cart to

control the tension and prevent the strapping coil from unwinding too quickly or

becoming tangled.

3. Dispensing Mechanism: The dispenser/cart may have a mechanism to guide and dispense

the steel strapping smoothly during the strapping process. This can include a slot or guide

that helps direct the strapping in a controlled manner.

4. Mobility: Many dispenser/carts are equipped with wheels or casters for easy mobility,

allowing the operator to move the strapping equipment around the workspace or between

different locations.

5. Storage and Accessories: Some dispenser/carts may provide additional storage compartments

or hooks to hold strapping tools, seals, or other accessories required for the strapping operation.

This helps keep everything organized and readily accessible.

It’s worth noting that the specific features and design of the SEH71F model may differ from other

dispenser/carts in the market. To ensure proper usage and compatibility with the SEH71F model,

it’s recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or product documentation

for detailed information on its features, specifications, and any specific recommendations

for handling steel strapping.


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