Dispenser for Packing Tape T 280

Dispenser for Packing Tape T 280

With adjustable brake, plastic anti-reversing plate and PC wiper.

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dispenser for packing tape, also known as a tape dispenser or tape gun, is a handheld tool

specifically designed to facilitate the application and cutting of packing tape during

packaging and shipping processes. It provides convenience, efficiency, and improved control

when sealing boxes or securing packages.

Dispenser for Packing Tape  consists of :

1. Handle: The handle provides a comfortable grip for the user, allowing them to hold and

maneuver the dispenser easily.

2. Tape Roll Holder: The dispenser has a mechanism to hold the roll of packing tape securely in place.

It may have a spindle or a core that fits into the center of the tape roll.

3. Tape Feed and Tensioning Mechanism: The dispenser includes a mechanism that feeds the tape

from the roll, ensuring a smooth and controlled application. It also provides tension to the tape,

preventing it from becoming loose or tangled.

4. Cutting Blade: Most tape dispensers have a built-in cutting blade that allows the user to cut

the tape cleanly and efficiently. The blade is typically positioned near the front of the

dispenser for easy access.

To use a packing tape dispenser:

1. Insert the roll of packing tape onto the tape roll holder, ensuring that it rotates freely

and is properly aligned.

2. Pull out a length of tape from the roll and feed it through the dispenser’s tape feed mechanism.

3. Apply the tape to the desired surface by pressing the dispenser against the surface

and moving it along the intended path. The tensioning mechanism helps ensure

the tape adheres smoothly and securely.

4. Once the desired length of tape has been applied, use the cutting blade on the dispenser

to cut the tape cleanly. Most dispensers have a mechanism that automatically releases

the tape, allowing for easy cutting.


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