Dispenser-core ID 3

<div id=”detail_arrow”>Core Size (Inch) : 2 & 3</div>

Film Width (Inch) : 12-20
Handle : Foam
Features : Aluminium base and cover

0.00 AED

dispenser-core ID 3 for stretch film is specifically designed for use

with stretch film rolls that have a 3-inch inner diameter.

dispenser core, sometimes referred to as a film core or roll core, is the cylindrical tube around

which the stretch film is wound.

The ID 3 specification indicates that the inner diameter of the dispenser core is 3 inches.

This measurement is important because it ensures compatibility with stretch film dispensers

or hand-held stretch film applicators that are designed to accommodate core

sizes with a 3-inch inner diameter.

When using stretch film with this tool , make sure to select

applicator that is compatible with this core size. The dispenser or applicator will typically

have a mechanism or adapter that securely holds the core in place, allowing the stretch film

to be unwound and applied smoothly.

Using it must match the requirements of the stretch film dispensing

equipment ensures proper alignment, smooth rotation, and efficient application

of the stretch film, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of the wrapping or bundling process.


Applications Cartboard Ceramic Logistic paper