Pneumatic Strapping Tool For PP & PET Strap /POLI MT 13-19

POLI MT 13-19

Pneumatic strapping tool for PET & PP strap with vibration sealing

  • Strap Size: 13-19mm
  • Model & Make: SIAT, MJM, Italy
  • Function: Tightening & Sealing without Seal

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POLI MT 13-19 is a pneumatic strapping tool is a power tool used for applying

polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) strapping material to secure

and bind packages, pallets, or other objects.

The key features and functions of a pneumatic strapping tool like the POLI MT 13-19 model are:

1. Pneumatic Power: The tool powered by compressed air, which provides the force

needed to tighten and seal the strap around the object being secured.

2. PP and PET Compatibility: It is designed to work with both PP and PET strapping materials,

allowing it to be used for a variety of packaging and bundling applications.

3. Tension Control: The tool allows the user to precisely control the tension applied to the strap,

ensuring a secure and consistent hold.

4. Strap Sealing: It uses a friction-based sealing mechanism to fuse the strap ends together,

creating a strong, permanent joint without the need for additional fasteners.

5. Ergonomic Design: Pneumatic strapping tools are typically lightweight and well-balanced,

making them comfortable and easy to use for extended periods.

6. Productivity: The pneumatic power and efficient sealing process allow for rapid strapping,

improving overall packaging and bundling productivity.

7. Versatility: These tools can accommodate a range of strap widths and thicknesses, making

them suitable for a variety of packaging and logistics applications.

The POLI MT model is a specific pneumatic strapping tool that  well-suited for

industrial and commercial applications requiring the secure and efficient binding of packages,

pallets, or other materials using PP or PET strapping.


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