Viper / Battery powered tool for plastic strapping


Battery powered tool for plastic strapping

Viper is the next-generation plastic strapping tool engineered and manufactured by SIAT, battery-powered, for PP and PET in 9, 12 and 16 mm (3/8-1/2-5/8”) sizes features an innovative touchscreen interface that works like a smartphone, real-time data display and easy and intuitive value adjustments using icons.

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Key features​

  •  User-friendly graphical interface
  •  Full TFT color display
  •  Capacitive touchscreen
  • Real-time force/speed indication
  •  Variable force/speed levels
  •  Tension force given in Newtons, Kg, and lbs
  • Adjustable cooling time for perfect weld
  •  Stores 8 settings for future use
  •  Tool status information
  •  Lockable display
  • Durable tool
  •  Easy maintenance
  • IoT enabled
  •  Perfectly ergonomic and lightweight
  •  Registered Italian design


  • Viper can be equipped on request with the following accessories:

  •  Metal strapping foot guard protection: C210963400Z
  •  Cutting blade spring for thin PP strapping (e.g. 0.5-0.6mm): C407020400Z
  • Charger 220V (EU): C521009930Z
  •  Charger 115V (USA): C521015010Z
  •  Makita Battery 18 V - 3.0 Ah: C521013480Z
  •  Makita Battery 18 V - 5.0 Ah: C521013370Z


  • Italian design
  • Simple interface
  • Increased versatiliy

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