Battery Tensioner & Sealer for Steel Strapping – ELECTRA™ M SERIES

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Key features​

  •  Double Notch Sealing – our tools are designed for a double notch seal which has two sets of notches in the steel strapping seal
  •  Makita Lithium Battery completely charged in 20 minutes
  •  No Air Supply – it does not require the compressor and the tiring maintenance operations that this entails (such as oil change)
  •  Battery and end-of-cycle indicator – to monitor the charge of the battery and the end-of-the-cycle
  •  More than 200 cycles – both with the sealer and the tensioner
  •  One push button operation – the entire cycle of notching and opening the tool is done by pressing and holding the operational button
  •  Makita brushless  motor is a high-performance motor that allows acceleration and deceleration, which is impossible in on-off pneumatic solutions
  •  Reversing function-the motor allows the strap to be released after it has been tensioned, to ensure maximum safety in case of trapped objects


  • The tool can be equipped with some accessories
    (to be requested when ordering or later)
  •  Battery Charger C521009930Z
  •  Additional Battery C521013470Z

product photos

Applications Cartboard Ceramic Logistic paper