Stretch baby Wrap Dispenser / W800R


Basic 1-1/2″ plastic film wrap.
For film up to 5-1/2″ wide.
Red color

0.00 AED

stretch baby wrap dispenser refers to a tool or device used to dispense and apply

stretchable wrap specifically designed for wrapping or swaddling babies.

This type of wrap is commonly used to provide warmth, security, and comfort to infants.

this tool may come in different forms, depending on the brand or design.


To use a stretch baby wrap dispenser:

1. Place the roll of stretch wrap onto the dispenser, ensuring it rotates freely

and is properly positioned.

2. Pull out the leading end of the wrap from the dispenser.

3. Position the baby on the wrap and begin wrapping or swaddling them,

using the dispenser to guide the wrap smoothly and evenly around the baby’s body.

4. If the dispenser has a cutting blade, use it to cut the wrap to the desired length

once you have finished wrapping the baby.


Applications Cartboard Ceramic Logistic paper