Lashing belt

Used to secure cargo transported by road, by sea, or by railway in a container or in a railway wagon. It is frequently applied to sensitive cargo, especially during loading and unloading, in order to neutralize vibrations. Used mainly for the transport of heavy industrial products and for the stabilization of cargo within the container.

Lashing is mostly used for land, sea, and air transportation. It is also used for loads carried by cranes or elevators. It ensures that the loads placed in the vehicle or in the container are stabilized against the dynamic movements that may occur during transportation.

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Lashing belt It is an important material for binding products It has several specifications

Lashing belt Description:

Description Width (MM) Linear Break Strength (daN) Length (MTR/Bag) Color
COLASH 105 32 2300 250 Mtr White
COLASH 200 40 5000 200 Mtr White / Orange

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