kinds of steel strapping sealer by Hadanco

steel strapping sealer

steel strapping sealer, is crucial equipment in the realm of industrial packaging, providing a strong

and dependable way to secure heavy goods. From shipping and logistics to manufacturing and

construction, these tools are critical in ensuring that products remain tightly bonded and protected

during transit and storage. This article digs into the numerous types of steel strapping sealers,

their applications, and the benefits they provide to various industries, serving as a complete reference f

or companies wishing to improve their packaging operations using these essential equipment.

what is steel strapping sealer?

A specialized equipment called a steel strapping sealer is used to firmly attach steel straps around bundles,

pallets or shipments so that they stay tightly tied throughout storage and transportation. 

Because of its excellent tensile strength, steel strapping is well-suited for heavy-duty uses in

the manufacturing, shipping, and construction sectors. 

In order to create a strong and secure closure, the sealer crimps a metal seal over

the overlapping ends of the steel strap. 

The steps in this technique are to wrap the things in the steel strap, lay a metal seal over the ends,

then use the sealer to crimp the seal firmly in place. 

As a result, the packed things are shielded from moving and damaged by a sturdy and

dependable binding that keeps the straps from coming free. 

Steel strapping sealers are critical for maintaining the safety and integrity of big or bulky shipments.


 Uses of steel strap sealer

Steel strap sealers are essential instruments in many sectors where securing big goods is necessary. 

Here are some important applications of steel strap sealers:

Shipping and logistics:

  • Securing Pallets: 

Steel strap sealers are used to snugly secure products on pallets, limiting movement during transit.

  • Binding Heavy Packages: 

Large and heavy packages are strapped to maintain their integrity and safety during transit.


Use steel straps to organize and transport goods such as pipes, rebar, and lumber.

  • Securing Equipment: 

Construction equipment and machinery are frequently lashed to pallets or crates to guarantee

safe delivery to project locations.


  • Packaging Bulky or Heavy Goods: 

For safe storage and transit, finished goods, particularly those that are large or heavy, are strapped.

  • Securing Raw Materials: 

Raw materials are commonly strapped to keep them stable and protected during movement throughout the manufacturing facility.

Metal Industry: 

  • Binding Metal Coils: 

Steel strap sealers are used to secure coils of metal, such as steel, aluminum, and copper, keeping them from unrolling and getting damaged.

  • Bundling Metal Sheets: 

Metal sheets and plates are roped together to ensure they remain flat and undisturbed throughout shipment.

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kinds of steel strapping sealer

Steel strapping sealers are available in a variety of configurations, each adapted to specific uses

and requirements. 

Here are the major kinds:

Manual Sealers:

steel strapping sealer

steel strapping sealer

  • Single Notch Sealers: 

Create a single crimp on either side of the seal, making them ideal for light to medium-duty applications.

  • Double Notch Sealers: 

Create two crimps on each side, providing a more secure closure for medium- to heavy-duty applications.

  • Combo Tools: 

Combine tensioning and sealing in one tool to increase productivity.



Manual Sealer SDN19-32  👈buy now from link

One kind of tools used for manually sealing bags or other packing materials is the Manual Sealer SDN19-32. 

It usually has a handle and a sealing mechanism that melts the packaging material together with heat to form a seal. 


  • Key features 

These manual sealers  frequently used in a variety of sectors to package goods when a secure or airtight seal  required. 

Depending on the manufacturer’s labelling procedure, the “SDN19-32” name could relate to the sealer’s precise dimensions or specs.

Pneumatic sealers:

  • Pneumatic Sealless Combination Tools: 

Use compressed air to tension, seal, and cut strapping; perfect for high-volume jobs that

require speed and uniformity.

  • Pneumatic Notch Sealers: 

Using pneumatic force, create notches on the seal, decreasing operator fatigue and increasing

productivity in heavy-duty applications.


Pneumatic Sealer STP-DN 19-32  👈 buy it now 

The Pneumatic Sealer STP-DN 19-32 is a specialized equipment for sealing steel strapping in

heavy-duty industrial settings. 

Using compressed air, this sealer provides effective and consistent sealing for steel straps

, assuring robust and dependable connection integrity. 

Here are the main characteristics and benefits of the Pneumatic Sealer STP-DN 19-32.

  • Key features:

Pneumatic operation uses pressurized air to perform the sealing function, which reduces

operator fatigue and increases productivity.

Strapping Range: Designed to accommodate steel strapping widths ranging

from 19mm to 32mm, making it suitable for a variety of heavy-duty applications.

Double Notch Sealing: Typically, two notches  cut on each side of the seal,

resulting in a robust and secure closing.

steel strapping sealer

steel strapping sealer

what is the best company to buy steel strapping sealer

Hadanco  widely regarded as the leading provider of steel strapping sealers,

with a reputation for quality and client satisfaction. 

Hadanco specializes in offering high-quality packaging solutions and offers a wide selection

of steel strapping sealers to fulfill the unique needs of various industries. 

Their products noted for their durability, efficiency, and convenience of use, guaranteeing

that every strapping job  done correctly and reliably. 

Hadanco’s expert team delivers excellent customer service, delivering professional advice

to help clients select the finest instruments for their individual needs. 

Hadanco’s innovative products, affordable pricing, and constant commitment to excellence make it

the go-to source for all your steel strapping needs in the UAE.


Finally, steel strapping sealer from Hadanco are essential instruments for assuring the secure

and effective packing of big and bulky objects in a variety of industries. Whether you choose

a manual, pneumatic, or battery-powered sealer, each model provides distinct

benefits geared to certain demands and uses. 

These tools’ durability, strength, and dependability make them indispensable for

preserving the integrity and safety of packaged items during transportation and storage. 

As industrial needs rise, investing in the correct steel strapping sealer can boost productivity,

lower material costs, and give you peace of mind knowing your products well-protected.

Businesses that understand the features and benefits of various sealers can make informed

judgements that optimize their packaging operations and support their operational goals.


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