Steel Strap

Steel is the oldest and highest-tensile-strength strapping material. It is available in a variety of widths and thicknesses, as well as variations in tensile strength. Steel is used for heavy-duty holding where high strength and minimal stretch are desired. Surface finishes for steel straps include paint and waxbluing, or zinc and wax.

Common applications include:

  • Steel coils
  • Bundles of metal
  • Baling wire
  • Bricks and pavers
  • Roll end-binding, etc, etc

245.00 AED260.00 AED

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DescriptionWidth (MM)Thickness (MM)ColorRoll WeightMeter/KgWinding
Steel Strap12.700.60Black40-43 Kg16.70Oscillated
Steel Strap16.000.60Black40-43 Kg13.30Oscillated
Steel Strap19.000.60Black40-43 Kg11.20Oscillated
Steel Strap31.750.80Black, Zinc40-43 Kg5.00Ribbon



Black Painted , Grey/ZC


25×0.80MM , 32×0.80MM


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