Manual Tensioner13-32

Manual tensioner for Composite Corded Strap Tools

Manual Tensioner 13-32 mm for Composite Corded Strap Tools.

  • Strap Size: 13-32 mm
  • Model & Make: Tiawan
  • Function: Tightening

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manual tensioner13-32  a tool used for manually tensioning plastic straps during the strapping

or bundling process. Unlike a pneumatic or battery-powered tool, a manual tensioner does not

require a power source and is operated by hand.

Manual tensioner 13-32 for Composite Corded Strap Tools

 key features and functions of a manual tensioner:

1. Hand-operated: The manual tensioner  designed to be operated by hand. It typically

consists of a handle or lever that the operator uses to apply tension to the plastic strap.

2. Tensioning Mechanism: The tensioner incorporates a mechanism that allows the operator

to tighten the strap around the package or object being strapped. This  achieved through

a ratcheting system or a crank mechanism.

3. Compatibility: Manual tensioners are available for various types of plastic straps, including

PP (polypropylene) and PET (polyethylene terephthalate). They come in different sizes to

accommodate different strap widths and thicknesses.

4. Adjustable Tension: Manual tensioners usually have an adjustable feature that allows

the operator to control the amount of tension applied to the strap. This ensures that

the strap  tightened securely without damaging the package or the contents.

5. Compatibility with Sealing Tools: Manual tensioners  often used in conjunction with

separate sealing tools, such as manual sealers or buckles. Once the strap  tensioned,

the operator can use the sealing tool to secure the strap by applying a seal or a buckle.

Manual tensioners  commonly used in industries where the strapping volume is relatively

low or where access to power sources limited. They are simple to use, portable, and cost-effective

compared to powered strapping tools.

When using a manual tensioner, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and

guidelines to ensure proper operation and achieve secure and consistent tensioning.


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