Automatic Thermoshrinking Machine / FT53 TOP PAL

The FT53 TOP PAL model is an automatic system to apply and thermoshrink a sheet of plastic film on the top of a load.

This model satisfies the need to hermetically and mechanically protect the top of the load subject to tear due to stacking and ensure a better hermetic seal on the hood’s welding.

The film is shrunk on the product by a ring-like gas oven, and the machine can handle up to 80 pallets / hour.

All use and maintenance, automatic and manual functions, are controlled by a PLC.


Pallet dimensions:

L1300 x W 1100 x H 500 ÷ 2900mm


    • Film Type: polyethylene thermo
    • Thickness : 60 ÷ 200 micron
    • Coil diameter max: ø1000 mm
    • Coil weight maximum: 1000 kg
    • Coil width max.: 1600 mm
    • Electrical Supply: 400 V 50 Hz three-phase
    • Installed Power: 6,5 kW
    • Air Pressure: 5,5 ÷ 7 bar
    • Gas Type: propane or methane (butane)
    • Gas Pressure: 200 mbar -15% / +5
Applications Cartboard Ceramic Logistic paper