Vertical Strapping Machine / 08RP_SHIFTING


vertical strapping machine makes the packaging of loads completely automatic. It is possible to undertake one or more strapping operations using polyester or heat-sealed straps. The machine consists of a sturdy structure made of electrowelded steel sections, which support all the component parts of the entire strapping machine.

  • Mod. TR head (our international patent), which automatically undertakes the launch, recovery, tensioning, welding, and cutting operations.
  • The strap is perfectly centered around the pack thanks to a channel made of special material that slides around it and has release devices in multiple independent sections.
  • Head compensation device. This is possible through the cross-deplacement of the whole welding head during the tensioning phase. This assures the uniformity of the feeding on each side of the parcel. The deplacement of the same is possible by means of bearings that slide on treated guides.
  • Strapping head movement unit, which lowers until it meets the pack. The cycle is automatically activated by means of a sensor.
  • Strap feeder unit with roll-holders with cutting operation for removal of the same with anti-tear unwinding system and electromagnetic brake unit.
  • Electric panel for the complete automatic function of the machine, complete with controls for manual operations.
  • The entire plant is complete with all on-board installations (electrical and pneumatic) and is completely painted.


Strap type: polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET)

Strap union: thermoelectric welding

Applicable strapping head: TR1400/TR1400HD/TR1800/TR2000

Coil-holder: inside diameter: 390 ÷ 405 mm. width 150 ÷ 160 mm

Electrical Supply: 400/415V, three-phase, 50Hz

Installed Power: 2,7 kW

Air pressure: min. 3 bar

Side shifting device as optional

Applications Cartboard Ceramic Logistic paper