Composite Corded Strap

A high quality composite corded strapping product, which is also known as synthetic steel, by using polyester fibers coated with clear polypropylene. Among various strapping solutions in the industrial packaging world, composite corded strapping is the most recent technology for cargo securing.

hadanco Composite Corded Strap
Strapping Steel

Steel Strap

Steel is the oldest and highest tensile strength strapping. It is available in a variety of widths and thicknesses as well as variations in tensile strength. Steel is used for heavy-duty holding where high strength and minimal stretch are desired. Surface finishes for steel strap include  paint and waxbluing or zinc and wax.

PET Strap

Oriented or tensilized polyester and nylon are the strongest plastic strapping products and are used as a viable alternative to steel strapping in the some industries. It is available in a variety of widths and thicknesses as well as variations in strength. Polyester provides excellent retained tension on rigid loads.

PET Strap Top Industrial Packaging Solution in Dubai
Best Packaging pp Strapping Roll Packaging in Dubai

PP Strap

Polypropylene strap (oriented or tensilized) is an economical material designed for light to medium duty unitizing, palletizing and bundling. It is available in various widths, thicknesses, and polymer variations (e.g., copolymers). Most polypropylene is embossed some of which is printed. This product offers higher elongation at break but tends to have irrecoverable dead stretch with constant stress.

Lashing Belt

Cargo lashing available from width 32MM, 38MM and 40MM with lenghth 125Mtr and 100Mtr. Available with color of both white and orange.

Cargo Lashing Belt Industrial Strapping Material in Dubai