Pro-Wrap Stretch Wrapping Machine in Dubai


Hadanco offers a broad range of stretch wrapping machines that starts with the entry-level cost-effective semi-automatic machine, suitable for low throughput usage, through the most complete and fully featured semi-automatic for higher volumes and demanding professional use.

  • ONEWRAP, Make & Origin: SIAT, MJM, Italy Pallet Stretch Wrapping
  • PROWRAP, Make & Origin: SIAT, MJM, Italy Turntable Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping
  • BEEWRAP, Make & Origin: SIAT, MJM, Italy Advanced Semi Automatic Mobile Pallet Wrapping


Strapping machinesautomatic, semiautomatic and for packaging lines, horizontal, vertical, lateral and with compression – are designed to pack all kinds of material easily and quickly.

User-friendly and customizable, they are employed in numerous industrial and craft sectors.

  • Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines
  • Fully-Automatic Strapping Machines
Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines in Dubai
Semi-Automatic Case / Carton Sealers in Dubai


Sealing cases using a case sealer is faster, provides a better result and is more economical. Using case sealer also ensures ergonomically correct working conditions.

Case sealers are designed for a variety of different tasks and needs: uniform or random case sizes, wide or narrow tape, top and bottom sealing, side sealing, automatic flap folding, etc.
There is a wide range of auxiliary equipment such as packing tables with a bottom flap folder. Case sealers may be used as part of individual packaging stations or as part of a fully automatic
packaging line.

  • Semi-Automatic Case / Carton Sealers
  • Fully-Automatic Case Sealers