Polypropylene strap (oriented or tensilized) is an economical material designed for light to medium duty unitizing, palletizing and bundling. It is available in various widths, thicknesses, and polymer variations (e.g., copolymers). Most polypropylene is embossed some of which is printed. This product offers higher elongation at break but tends to have irrecoverable dead stretch with constant stress. What is not generally known to end users is that polypropylene strapping will lose about 50% of the applied tension within one hour, and that this tension loss is accelerated with increases in ambient temperature, consequently although suitable for packs with a degree of stored energy that will take up any relaxation that occurs in the strap, unacceptable strap slackness may occur after time if used on product that is ‘Solid’ such as bricks or concrete. Furthermore polypropylene strapping is susceptible to UV degradation and can quickly degrade if left outside exposed to the elements. The sensible choice of color will retard the process, such as specifying black strap. Similarly, a UV inhibitor can be specified.


Polypropylene strapping may be printed, either during production and pre-embossing for the highest quality and precision, or post production over the embossing for a reduced quality. Both offer security and marketing advantages to the strapped product.

Description Width (MM) Thickness (MM) Roll Weight Color
PP Strap 5 0.47 11 Kg White
PP Strap 9 0.60 11 Kg Yellow
PP Strap 12 0.60 9.7 Kg Yellow
PP Strap 12 1.00 11 Kg White
PP Strap 15 0.80 5 Kg Yellow